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Demystifying Ember: Asynchronous Side-Effects in Testing

If you’ve ever been confused by the following error, this article is for you! “Assertion Failed: You have turned on testing mode, which disabled the run-loop's autorun. You will need to wrap any code with asynchronous side-effects in a run”

What to Play in Magic: The Gathering’s Modern Format

This ASCII-art flowchart serves both as a snapshot of the Modern metagame as of June 2015, and as a handy guide for people getting into that format at that time when deciding which established deck to play.

Introducing Talker.js

Talker.js wraps postMessage in an easy-to-use API. It handles queueing your messages until it completes a handshake so it knows both sides are ready, it filters out messages that aren't from Talker on the other side, and it is built on JavaScript Promises, so you can send a request and receive a response.

Extracting an Ember CLI Addon From Your Application

With the advent of Ember CLI and Ember CLI Addons for shared functionality, it's now quite simple to create multiple applications that share a common core. This blog post is a quick overview of Second Street's recent effort to extract that common functionality into an ember-addon that we can include in all of our applications.

GitHabit - GitHub webhooks ♥ HabitRPG!

I wrote an open source node.js application to tie your GitHub contributions with your HabitRPG account. Stay motivated to contribute to open source with GitHabit!

Why does Ember.js rock?

Ember.js is a MVC (Model – View – Contrtoller) JavaScript framework that helps developers create ambitious single-page web applications without sacrificing what made the web great. This is a quick overview of some of the best bite-sized parts.

Hack for Change 2013

This blog post chronicles my experience at the first National Civic Day of Hacking, which was also my first hackathon. Our team won by conceiving and demonstrating an automated phone system to place homeless people into shelters faster and with less human interaction, allowing those resources to be shifted to areas of greater need.

CheckSelect: The New Solution To The Usability Problems of Select Multiple

A quick mockup of a better user experience than <select multiple> from 2012.

Introduction to HTML [Part 4]

In today’s lesson, you will learn some of the most common HTML elements used for textual markup. This includes paragraphs, headings, and the like.

Class In-Depth: Photography Fundamentals

GM284 Fundamentals is a black-and-white film photography course. We start from the very basics of how a camera works, to learning things like form and function, depth of field, and other fancy stuff. The best part is that we create our own work from start to finish! We shoot the film, develop it, create the negatives, and enlarge them to make prints! I’m both excited and nervous to do the development—it’s such a sensitive procedure that if you mess up one thing, you can lose a whole roll of film.